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Order payment

Use the order payment method that is the most convenient for you. Allsoft online store offers you the following options:



Digital payment security

When you use a banking card to pay for an order, order processing (including entering the card number) is performed on a secure page of ASSIST e-payment system that has passed international certificates. It means that your confidential data (the card credentials, the registration data, etc.) are not submitted to the online store. Their processing is 100% secured and noone can access the personal and banking data of our client - even our online store.

When working with banking card data, we use Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) developed by Visa and MasterCard international payment systems. PCI DSS ensure secure processing of Holder's banking card credentials.

Our data transfer technology is based on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Verified by Visa, and Secure Code protocols, as well as private banking networks with enterprise-class security. These features guarantee the security of banking card transactions. In the case of moneyback, payment is returned to the card, from which the funds were written off.

In what currency my order will be paid?

Payment by the Buyer for Products is made at the price established in the corresponding Product Description on web pages of Online store, by method and within the terms agreed by the Buyer at the time of order placement.

  1. The prices in the currencies other than Russian rubles are specified in a shopping cart on the company’s website at the conditional rate displayed at the time of registration and payment of the order. Such prices are specified only for convenience of clients for the purpose of simplification of understanding of an order of prices, but not for final calculations.

  2. Actual prices for the received services are estimated only in Russian rubles, and transaction document will contain the amount only in Russian rubles.

Write-off of funds from the card of the client in any currency may be initiated only in Russian rubles; At that currency conversion may be done in the payment process, if the bank account of the card is opened in other currency, or this bank account is serviced by the bank located outside the Russian Federation. Thus, the initial price of service specified in the currency other than Russian rubles, may differ from final price upward or downward considering fluctuations of settlement currency rate either at the interbank level, or at the level of the emitting bank servicing the card.

Payment and delivery questions
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